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We offer comprehensive solutions for your business needs
We provide strategic, transformational, and sustainability solutions designed to help you succeed in a fast-paced, global market
Strategic Planning
We help businesses formulate robust strategies that align with their unique goals, market demand, and industry trends
Business Transformation
We assist organizations in aligning their processes, people, and technology with their strategic goals
Sustainability Integration
We guide businesses in integrating sustainability into their operations to drive long-term growth
Execution Excellence
We turn information and knowledge into tangible results to ensure your business stays competitive
Intelligent Strategy
For a business to thrive in today's complex market, having an intelligent, robust, and flexible strategy is paramount. At Jupiter Consulting, we help businesses build strategic direction that aligns with their specific goals while considering market demand and industry trends. We analyze and interpret valuable data to provide real and sustainable insights. This allows businesses to become more competitive, resilient, and adaptable in the face of disruption and change.

We use advanced tools and techniques to facilitate a forward-looking culture within organizations. This enables them to preemptively address potential issues and seize emerging opportunities. We strive to make businesses proactive, not just responsive.

Additionally, we help businesses understand and keep pace with the rapidly evolving global environment, such as the digital transformation driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We prepare businesses to remain at the forefront of their industry.
Holistic Transformation
Organizational transformation is a significant undertaking that, when executed well, can take your business to new heights. Our team at Jupiter Consulting has extensive experience in driving transformational projects across Botswana and Southern Africa. We understand that transformation is not just about changing processes and implementing new technology, but also about people and culture.

We help organizations align their people, process and technology with their strategic direction. This involves cultivating a culture of change, focusing on leadership development, and enhancing project and change management capabilities.

Most importantly, we emphasize delivering measurable impacts and results. Regardless of the complexity or scale of the transformation project, we are committed to bringing forth concrete results that positively impact your business.
Sustainability Focus
As businesses around the world continue to recognize the importance of sustainability, espousing sustainable practices has become a cornerstone of modern competitiveness. At Jupiter Consulting, we understand that sustainability is not just about being "green" - it's about longevity, ethical operations, and sustainable development.

We guide businesses in integrating sustainability into their overall strategy, operations, and culture. This includes the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensuring stakeholder engagement aligned with sustainable practices, leading to more resilient and sustainable businesses.

Our approach to sustainability is not just about mitigating risks and compliance, but it's also about leveraging opportunities for innovation and growth. We assist businesses in creating value through sustainability, enhancing their brand reputation, and contributing to society.

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About Us
Jupiter Consulting & Services is a Botswana-based consulting firm specializing in helping businesses navigate disruption, globalization, and the fourth industrial revolution. Our core capability - execution - sets us apart. We believe that it is execution, not just strategy, that makes businesses stand out and achieve meaningful results.

We employ a data-driven approach to develop real insights, enabling businesses to stay competitive and sustainable. Our service offerings include strategy formulation, transformation execution, and integration of sustainability into business models. This integrated approach provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to deal with the dynamic business environment.

Our team, led by Mr. Bashi Gaetsaloe, has extensive experience across varied sectors such as banking, insurance, tourism, telecommunications, health, education, and others. Bashi's 26 years of industry experience and keen understanding of strategic transformation makes us a sought after consultancy in Southern Africa.
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